13:17 PM

Peak Performer: Audra Trussell

Office Manager- Child Life


Audra was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Audra TrussellDecember is the busiest time of year for receiving in-kind donations and patient-focused special visitors and events. The Community Program Manager was out for the entire month, and Audra had to cover both her own job, as well as the Community Program job. Audra very capably stepped up to support the holiday season which can be an overwhelming task in and of itself. We received 1000s of toys and program supplies, which arrive in a variety of ways, but Audra oversaw the shuffling of those donations, as well as coordinating specific drop off Saturdays, working many additional hours at those events. She organized, sorted, and boxed 1000s of toys herself, and directed the setting up of Santa's Workshop to organize Christmas Eve toys for in-patients. All the while still fulfilling her role as the Child Life Office Manager which is also a busy job.

 In addition to doing her own job, and covering the process for in-kind donations, Audra coordinated and hosted multiple special visits, both virtually and in-person. She supported virtual Santa visits, Kendra Scott jewelry making workshops (virtually), our patient Christmas party with Santa in-person, and several other smaller visits and activities. She did all of this with a positive attitude, flexibility, and patience, even when she worked long, extra hours. She did not miss a beat with her own job which was extremely important because the bulk of the Child Life department is dependent upon her for ordering supplies and equipment. Audra was a rock star through this whole holiday season, and we couldn't have done it without her!