12:34 PM

Peak Performer: Beatriz Hinojosa

SC Medical Assistant, Hematology/Oncology Clinic


Beatriz was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Beatriz HinojosaA day in the H/O clinic can be extremely busy. Our patients come in with lots of lab draws, are immunocompromised, and are one of the most vulnerable populations. Bea is one of our Medical Assistants. She always comes in with a positive attitude, and is one of the first staff members to jump up and assist when patients check in, or the nurses need help. When I am the Line Access Nurse, she’s the one I call when I need assistance to help hold a patient or if I need somebody to help with iodine cleaning. She does her work diligently, reaching out to the team nurses if she notices any health status change with our patients, and making sure that the patients have all the lab orders that they need before she pokes them. She is known throughout the clinic as being the most skilled MA for lab draws, and she is sometimes called for the more difficult lab draws when the other MA’s are having trouble. She is occasionally even called over to the Infusion Center to assist, and she does so quickly, efficiently and with a great attitude and willingness to help. A couple weeks ago we had a med alert in the H/O clinic, and she was the first one to arrive. She assessed the patient quickly, knew by assessing the patient that they physician would want a glucose check, and was back with the glucometer and ready to test before the doctor had even asked.

Yesterday in the Infusion Center, we had an extremely busy day. We were understaffed, as most units are, and were over our max number of patients scheduled for the day. Bea was heading out for the day (on a Friday) and noticed how busy we were and immediately jumped in to help. She began breaking down poles, taking vital signs, and cleaning patient chairs as we were discharging them. She did this without being asked, seeing that we needed help and willing to stay late and help our team get caught up. She is the perfect representation of a Peak Performer and we are so happy to have her in our H/O family!