11:23 AM

Peak Performer: Beth Nichols

social worker, LCSW, Case Management


Beth was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

ELIZABETH NICHOLS, LCSW PhotoWith some staffing changes and the pandemic, Camp Make a Dream, a camp for young adult cancer survivor patients has not taken place in the last several years. Beth partnered with Sommer Mims to make the camp come back alive. One particular camper was very nervous to fly due to an expired work visa. Beth spent hours on the phone with TSA, immigration, and the patient to assure that he could fly freely. She coached him to go to the airport days prior to meet with the TSA. Beth was able to secure his renewal (that had been applied for but just backlogged due to the pandemic) just before camp. This patient had never flown or had an experience like this, but was able to because of Beth's hard work and determination to not leave anyone behind. On another occasion, a patient had an overabundance of past medical bills that were impacting the patients current ability to move forward successfully in life. Beth was able to appeal to a foundation and within the matter of hours, had the bills funded. This patient was extremely grateful for her knowledge and resources that helped her lift a burden years in the making.