12:45 PM

Peak Performer: Brad Langford

Radiographer, Walsh UCC


Brad was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is his nomination letter.

Kyle LangfordBrad is always staying late to make sure that our team doesn't have to walk outside alone at night by themselves. He waits patiently and does not make anyone feel rushed when they’re finishing what they need to do. He has a long commute but is willing to stay later even when that means that it will be a very late night for him. When a parent has a concern about walking out to their car in the evening, he jumps in and walks them to their car. 

Brad is always close when something needs done. He jumps in and helps with cleaning rooms so staff don't have to slow down and they can continue in-taking patients. If there is an accident you will see Brad there cleaning it up before anyone else. When shipments of supplies come in, Brad is the first one there to help put them up. He will help distract patients when nurses are performing procedures that might be hard for the patients. He rounds and makes sure the patients don't need anything when wait times are longer. 

All of this is done while he is doing x-rays. He goes above and beyond to explain to patients and parents what their x-ray experience will be like. Not only does he check on patients and their families, he is always checking on the staff. It's not unusual to see him bringing a staff member something to eat or drink. Brad is Walsh Ranch UCC - we would be lost without him!