13:16 PM

Peak Performer: Brandon Tinsley

Physician Liaison, HH, Strategic Marketing/Business Development


Brandon was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is his nomination letter.

Brandon Tinsley"That's not my job" is one phrase you will never hear from Brandon. Brandon consistently goes above and beyond when it comes to getting equipment and supplies into the patients’ home so that the families can feel a sense of normalcy for their medically sensitive kiddos. Brandon aids in communication with physicians and physician’s staff, to ensure orders are being processed quickly to smooth the transition of discharge from hospital to home. As we all know how patient needs can change, Brandon is quick to provide assistance in delivering post-op equipment to hospitals even though this has nothing to do with his business liaison role. Brandon has helped in building communication with clinics not directly connected with the Medical Center.

Brandon previously started as a Recruiter in HR, finding the perfect person for the perfect role at Home Health. Brandon grew from that role to Physician Liaison, to further assist in the care for Home Health patients. Brandon recently has stepped back into the role of Recruiting, to assist the company as a whole while still performing his business liaison duties. Brandon goes the extra mile in fulfilling both roles to make sure Home Health positions are getting quickly filled with qualified candidates and also making sure Home Health patients are still getting the same quality of care before having to split his role.