13:47 PM

Peak Performer: Brian Dotts

epic application system analyst, specialist, IS-EPIC


Brian was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is his nomination letter. 

BRIAN DOTTS PhotoBrian brings exceptional knowledge to his role in the IS-Epic department which benefits both his customers and his team. He was on the tapestry implementation and support team and was able to provide guidance to the customers as well as his team. Brian created an open space that allowed any analyst on the team to come to him for advice, instructions and guidance. During this new rollout, he has also created several new processes that helped the team during the implementation.

Brian's communication skills are phenomenal. He is able to articulate to any kind of audience and ensures that he explains things clearly. It’s amazing how Brian can simplify complex issues and solutions to the customers understanding.  Another skill of Brian’s is his ability to capture requirements. He always knows exactly what the customer wants and expects. When he delivers his solutions, the customers are completely satisfied. Even though Brian was new to Epic, he quickly learned the features and capabilities of the system and shows a true natural ability to lead.