12:23 PM

Peak Performer: Brianna Benzinger

Chaplain, Spiritual Care


Brianna was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Brianna BenzingerBrianna has been at Cook Children's and in our Spiritual Care Department for less than one year and has already made a name for herself as a Peak Performer. She works with our Spanish speaking population ensuring that they have the care and compassion they deserve. Not only does Brianna serve an underserved patient population, she is quick to cover throughout the hospital whenever a need arises. Recently, with the extremely high census and acuity in the PICU, Brianna stepped up and took on some PICU coverage -- allowing our PICU Chaplain to have a well-deserved backup. Brianna consistently checks in with colleagues at the end of her shift to ensure proper handoff and coverage, going above and beyond to ensure that her colleagues are cared for. She is an asset to this hospital and to our department.

The second example of how Brianna consistently provides quality and safety measures to support our department is through her EPIC attention to detail (see what I did there?!). Recently, when our department underwent a name change from Pastoral Care to Spiritual Care, Brianna coordinated with EPIC to jump start our name change in our charting measures. It was a slow process getting all of these changes made - and Brianna was diligent in making sure that Spiritual Care was represented. However, once the changes were made all of our Chaplain chart notes were not pulling up in the patient chart - creating a lack of communication and hole in patient care communication. Brianna went above and beyond doing chart audits to ensure that this was not an isolated issue and immediately reported the problem. Brianna consistently applies attention to detail and follow through in her work as a Chaplain - thus improving quality and safety within the department. We are so lucky to have her!