13:43 PM

Peak Performer: Brooke Phillips

case manager/service coordinator (RN), Star Kids Care Management


Brooke was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

BROOKE PHILLIPS,BSN, RN PhotoBrooke is a phenomenal service coordinator who always goes above and beyond her job role. When a family was in need of mattresses for her two children, Brooke reached out to multiple resources to find some for the family for free. She was able to get 2 for the family at no cost to them. Brooke works hard to find even the resources that are most difficult to locate.

Brooke was working on helping a member who had a lot of behavioral needs. She worked with our behavioral health team and reached out to them to find out what else she could do. They commended her on all of her hard work and shared that they have so many supports in place already thanks to Brooke that it was hard to find any other resources to provide to them. Brooke is always thinking ahead and making sure that she is looking at the situation from every angle. This is what makes her families love her and what makes her a great Cook Children's employee.