12:22 PM

Peak Performer: Christy Beck

Volunteer Program Coordinator, Volunteer Services


Christy was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Christina BeckChristy was deployed almost 75% of her time for more than a year to assist with providing information desk coverage during the heaviest times of the pandemic. This meant altering her regular work schedule and coordinating her volunteer program coordinator work to be completed in the short time she was at her desk in the office.   Christy was amazingly flexible during all this time, totally positive about taking on a new role that is often extremely stressful, and collaborated well with volunteer staff to make sure volunteers were covered when she was at the desk. She has continued to assist in providing coverage on a weekly basis as gaps in the schedule are realized. Always positively generous with her time.

Christy has responsibility for our Stitchers volunteers, who are actually volunteers from all over the world, working from their homes to make needed specialty items for our patients. She additionally researches potential patterns when staff ask for specific items, and if she can't find a pattern she works to create one. This past year, Christy has worked doubly hard to keep these unique volunteers engaged as Stitchers, finding new ways to use their skills, such as making cloth masks for our patients/ parents; but even more so kept our pillow fairy program going as all of the pillowcases handed out in that program are made by our volunteer Stitchers. The Pillow Fairy program has remained robust throughout the pandemic, in part because of Christy's continued engagement with our Stitcher volunteers. She goes above and beyond with this special volunteer program.