10:45 AM

Peak Performer: Courtney Perez

home health supervisor, billing, Home Health Administration


Courtney was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

COURTNEY PEREZ PhotoCourtney has been an integral part of the Cook Children’s Home Health (CCHH) leadership team and billing department.  Over the last quarter, she has helped reduce the overall Accounts Receivable (AR) by over 12%.  More specifically she’s worked with her staff and our payers to reduce our older AR (120 days or older) by more than 33%! This is not an easy task and it was not accomplished by writing off older balances, but rather from appeals and conversations with payers about payment.  Over the last quarter, CCHH has had its highest cash collection month ever and on average, we received 19% more cash than all previous months of FY22.

Courtney has shown tremendous leadership skills since starting with CCHH and as excelled in growing the billing the department. When she first started, the billing department was experience staff shortages and the department had low morale. Courtney has fully staffed the billing department, reduced staff turnover in that department and continues to engage staff boosting employee satisfaction and moral. She's taken it upon herself to start a buddy system and pair a veteran employee with a newer employee, so that when questions arise they both have someone they can talk and bounce questions/ideas amongst each other. Staff have been very complimentary of the overall communication Courtney provides to them as a group. She's also not afraid to go beyond her job duties, recently with year-end approaching Courtney reached out to warehouse to volunteer to help work with weekend inventory if they needed additional assistance. Courtney is both a great leader and team player.