13:15 PM

Peak Performer: David Squires

Procurement Supervisor, HH Admin


David was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is his nomination letter.

David SquiresDavid helped our Allen warehouse which had logistical errors and trouble with ordering and correctly stocking the warehouse. He created new bin locations for all products (over 600) and lowered their backorders from 50 a month to less than 5 a month.

He supported the new warehouse manager and educated the staff on how to order, how to stock the product (FIFO - first in, first out) in order to prevent any expired product and guided them on the correct way to inventory products.

With David’s guidance, he was able to cut our inventory time down by 3 hours. His will and fortitude have helped the warehouse become a shining beacon of how a warehouse should look and run.

He’s also helped with reports and stocking and pulling procedures plus educated the new procurement coordinator on F.I.F.O and ordering procedures.