12:51 PM

Peak Performer: Denise Montes

Clinical Coordinator-OT, Rehab - DT FW


Denise was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Denise MontesDenise has been an extremely valuable member of our Acute Care rehabilitation team for years. She is consistently a positive light, reliable coworker, and wonderful therapist. She provides positive, evidence based and ethical therapy to all patients she works with. She advocates for our patients and families, and ensures all of our clients feel included in care. Recently, Denise accepted a role as our first Occupational Therapy Coordinator. This role transition has not always been smooth, but Denise handled the switch with grace and humble leadership.

As our coordinator, Denise has stepped up to be the voice of our occupational therapists. She was thrown into the thick of it when she accepted this role during both a global pandemic and at a time of low staffing with high census. She is our biggest advocate, our “right hand woman”, and the person we rely on most. Denise has had to take on the role of “fighting our battles”, which is far from an easy task, but she has done so diplomatically and respectfully. Denise consistently makes us feel heard, appreciated and valued. Denise has also worked endlessly to provide out team with opportunities for continuing education, process improvement, and honing our skills as therapists. She is consistently a resource for our therapists to brainstorm with and to ask for guidance on especially difficult cases. Recently, I was a primary therapist with an exceptionally medically complex patient. This patient had a condition I was less familiar with, and Denise went out of her way in the middle of her busy day to see the patient with me, provide mentorship and feedback, and be a resource for weeks to come when brainstorming treatment interventions. Without Denise, our department would not function the way that it does.

Denise is a person who gives her whole self to better the lives of others. She is patient, kind, dedicated and humble. She is an important key person on our team, and we are so incredibly blessed to have her. Denise is someone who has been a Peak Performer for years, and she receives recognition for her continuous efforts.