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Peak Performer: Eden Beebe, RN

RN, clinical coordinator I, Pediatric Surgery Clinic


Eden was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

EDEN BEEBE, RN, BSN Photo“True leaders have a servant’s heart.” – Christine Caine

Eden certainly has the heart and attitude of a servant. She starts her day in the Pediatric Surgical Clinic as a clinical coordinator with a virtual team huddle. Each begins with a positive quote or experience, paving the way for each person to reflect on positivity and gratitude. She works alongside her team and never asks them to do something she has not already done herself. Eden checks on her team almost daily and has visited members who were hospitalized. She is a caring and compassionate leader who goes above and beyond every day for her team.

Eden advocates for our patients more than anyone I’ve ever seen.  She is not hesitant to have direct conversations with our providers no matter what time of the day to make sure each patient is getting what they need. Several weeks ago, a patient was brought to the attention of the pediatric surgery clinic who had missed a couple of follow-up appointments. Eden worked diligently to ensure they came in for treatment and continued to have a healthy recovery. She truly goes above and beyond for the safety of our patients. We should all be as persistent as Eden and strive for the excellent care that she knows our institution can provide. There are many more examples, but this particular one really stands out.

​An example of her dedication was when Eden was returning from the Medical Center, walking over to Dodson, she noticed a mom and her child and the child was throwing up. No one had stopped to help them yet, so Eden went over to assist the mom. She went to get supplies, helped the mom clean up her child and took them to where they were supposed to be. This is yet another time she showed her servant’s heart and while doing so brought to life our Cook Children’s mission and values.  She is a tremendous asset to our organization and certainly one of our Peak Performers!