14:23 PM

Peak Performer: Elise Conner, RN

case manager and service coordinator, Star Kids Care Management


Elise was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is her nomination letter.

JENNIFER CONNER, BSN, RN PhotoElise is a wonderful service coordinator with our Star Kids Care program. She actively advocates for her families and provides them with resources that she has identified that they may need. She is thorough and detailed when working with them. We recently received an email from one of Elise's member’s parents. They wanted to acknowledge the great work Elise is doing. They shared that she was extremely supportive and accessible. One parent reported that they ran across issues recently when trying to fill a new prescription and she went out of her way to help the family. She reached out to different departments and the pharmacy and kept at it until the problems were resolved. Elise utilized the resources and knowledge she has gained while in this role to help problem solve and assist this family.

Elise also has proven to be quick thinking and helpful in last-minute situations. She had a family who was supposed to receive injections that afternoon but their insurance approval wasn’t going through. She worked with our Utilization Management department as well as the member’s primary health insurance to find the gap and was able to get it approved before their appointment.