14:49 PM

Peak Performer: Emily Bohon

LVN, PCP Burleson-PN


Emily was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

The Burleson clinic has been short-staffed on and off since last spring. We did not replace a position due to Covid and have had 2 of our LVN's on maternity leave and in addition, vacations have stretched out staff thin. In the meantime, another Cook Children’s clinic that has 1 LVN on staff needed a day off. Emily volunteered to cover for the City view location. 

​While covering, Emily has assumed a lead role in a short time. She is the best at multitasking and has an infectious energy with an uplifting attitude. Emily is helpful to all staff to ensure all patients are taken care of in-office and on triage. As of recent due to her strong skills, she has been precepting our newest LVN. The best thing about Emily is she is very helpful and honest. SO honest that when a positive covid case is in the office she goes around meticulously sanitizing/notifying staff to use the opposite bathroom until she is done cleaning. We do not have an onsite cleaning crew until after hours.

​Emily has really become a valuable team member. She is an excellent role model for our new hires. If she has a break on the floor from rooming, running tests, etc she jumps on the phones to help out with the backlog of calls. She is a superstar and an amazing employee for our organization. I would love to see her be the next PEAK PERFORMER!