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Peak Performer: Emma Price, LVN

LVN manager of clinical ops, PN Administration


Emma was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is her nomination letter.

EMMA PRICE, LVN PhotoEmma transferred from a clinical coordinator role at a CCPN Primary Care office to this role in CCPN Admin. Emma oversees the COVID Vaccine Program for our CCPN ambulatory clinics and was asked to set up our clinics to administer COVID vaccination for our ambulatory patients. It definitely wasn't always easy, but Emma saw every obstacle as an opportunity and did whatever she could to ensure that every child in our offices was given the opportunity to have the COVID vaccine available to them. This usually meant working day and night. She not only set up the clinics to be able to give these in their clinic, but she made it possible for CCPN to be able to give more than 7,200 COVID injections at mass COVID clinics put on at several different locations, and she volunteered at these clinics to administer injections. Emma never asks staff to volunteer or give their time if she is not willing to do it herself. She is the reason these clinics were a success. Making sure every detail was taken care of, she also ensured we had enough vaccines and supplies while also creating logs and spreadsheets to track vaccine doses and wastes. Emma also made sure education was given to all staff volunteering to ensure everyone was educated on how to reconstitute and administer per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Their processes changed frequently keeping her on her toes. Emma is a true example of what a Cook Children's employee should be and we are extremely fortunate to have her in Clinical Operations.

​One day at work, Emma received a phone call from the Tarrant County Health Department. It was one of their nurses that had an emergency question about the vaccination process. Emma knew exactly what steps she needed to take as she calmly and directly advised the nurse how to administer properly. This was not her company, nor her responsibility, but she offered her knowledge without thinking twice. Emma is definitely a team player and never hesitates to help out whenever and whomever she can!