11:58 AM

Peak Performer: Eric Nimely, RRT

RRT, Respiratory Therapist


Eric was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is his nomination letter.

ERIC NIMELY, RRT PhotoEric is one of the greatest support systems I have had as a new attending. Managing chronic ventilators has quickly become one of my passions. Eric has significantly contributed to expanding this and adding that extra confidence we all need. His skills, knowledge and support had been an immense asset to my training. I find that our teamwork has made TCU training for the families so much easier and more comforting. We make vent plans together that allow us once again to connect directly with the families, having that teamwork and effort Eric makes so easy.

​Another example of how great Eric is on many different levels occurred during my last weekend call. I was having trouble with a new BiPAP machine up in 5 North. Eric was working in TCU/RCU, nonetheless, he came up on 5 North, tried to trouble shoot the problem, was not able to but got the DE company to deliver the home machine on a Saturday. Since the family seemed a bit overwhelmed with training, we decided to transfer them to TCU/RCU to facilitate education. 

Eric is just constantly going out of his way to support other RTs, patients, and even physicians when needed; regardless of the work load.