09:25 AM

Peak Performer: Hannah Simeone

RN, specialty clinic internal staffing


Hannah was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

HANNAH SIMEONE, RN, BSN PhotoThe specialty clinic RN internal staffing pool has historically been a staff of two but due to a transfer in March, Hannah became the only RN in the Staffing Pool. For reference, we now have more than 20 Specialty Clinics located on the Medical Center campus. With record-high RN job openings, our requests significantly increased for the RN Internal Staffing Pool. Hannah has not only met the challenges but excelled during these last four months. Her attitude has been stellar and her commitment to quality patient care models the Cook Children's Promise.

​Since March, Hannah has spent most of her days split between two clinics and has been a lifesaver to each of them. By dividing her time between clinics each day, Hannah has had 149 clinic assignments to date as of writing this nomination. In anticipation that eventually we would have another RN for the opening, she found time to prepare a booklet of tips/tricks for the new RN to have a smooth transition into their new role. Because of her dedication, Hannah is now the preceptor for the new hire RN for the Internal Staffing Pool.