12:47 PM

Peak Performer: Haydee Madrigal

340B Program Coordinator, Pharmacy


Haydee was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Haydee MadrigalHaydee is an awesome Pharmacy Technician. She has continuously gone above and beyond for our team. This second wave of COVID has really amped up our ordering for pharmacy medications which means our receiving has gone up dramatically. It gets really difficult when people are on PTO. We had someone out recently and she stepped up without even being asked and helped us stay caught up. Pharmacy has felt the craziness and staffing has been a struggle so it is so helpful and appreciated when people go out of their way to just help out. 

The help and thoughtfulness doesn't end there though. We have also had many days where lunches were not happening. She has grabbed team members’ lunches and even Starbucks from time to time. Our office morale is better because of her and her thoughtfulness. It's the little things and just knowing you have support from your team members without even asking. She has learned more about what we do and has even covered a weekend when our inventory specialist had to attend a funeral. We each have special roles in the business office but during these unprecedented times we have all learned to be more willing to learn more and Haydee set that tone for all of us. We all need a Haydee in our lives!