12:16 PM

Peak Performer: Heather Andrews

Clinical Therapist-Hospital, Psych-Cln Therapy

Nomination Letter

Heather was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Heather A. LCSWHeather is an amazing asset to Cook Children’s who deals with difficult and stressful situations on a daily basis as a clinical therapist. During a recent weekend shift, Heather was thrown into a situation many would only encounter while watching TV. Heather engaged a patient who found themselves in the middle of trafficking concerns with kindness, concern, compassion, and professionalism. As more issues, concerns, and complexities were brought to light, Heather selflessly remained well past her shift as she worked to secure a safe place for the patient to discharge.

When Heather returned the next morning, more obstacles presented adding to the struggle of finding a safe place for the patient post-hospital admission. Heather worked with the Care Team, Social Work, CPS, and PICU staff, advocating and escalating the needs of the patient until the needs were addressed. Heather was instrumental in communicating with the patient’s family and aiding in setting up opportunities that would provide the best chance for the patient’s recovery.

Heather was supportive and caring throughout the entire weekend toward staff and patient. Heather remained calm and collected even in the midst of the escalating anger displayed from the patient’s family. Heather navigated the family’s desire to take the patient home. Fully aware that her work may not change the outcome in this tragic situation, Heather displayed her resilience and self-resolve as she led staff through the disheartening situation. It is with profound gratitude for her unceasing care, concern and advocacy for a patient at cusp of adulthood I am submitting this Peak Performer nomination for her.