14:43 PM

Peak Performer: James Loggins

manager of information services-Tech Support, Information Services


James was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is his nomination letter.

JAMES LOGGINS PhotoJames was tasked with having to create a way for the Health Foundation to have a digital "Donor Wall" to recognize physician donors in a way we have not ever done before. He worked diligently to meet our needs and not only to meet the basic needs of the product but go above and beyond to make it as user-friendly and as streamlined of a process as possible, all with excitement and enjoyment in the challenge.

It made such a difference when James came over in person with a cart full of equipment to educate our team on how to use a new process and demonstrate it in various ways so that we were comfortable with how to make changes and operate our system. Far before we needed to start using the equipment, James met us over at the Medical Center to view where the computer was to be installed, made sure it is easy to access for us and got it taken care of in record time. This level of customer service is not something we expected. 

We are so impressed - we need more James Loggins' in the world!