14:36 PM

Peak Performer: Jana Jackson

secretary, Child Life


Jana was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

JANA JACKSON PhotoJana is the secretary for the Child Life department and excels at any task she is given. However, this Christmas season Jana totally outdid herself!

While being shorthanded during our busiest time of the year for donations and special events for the patients, Jana jumped in without hesitation to assist. With her dedication to the job at hand and with such attention to detail, we were able to successfully carry out Santa’s Workshop, process all the donations, and implement virtual and in-person events. 

Jana exemplifies the characteristics of a Peak Performer by consistently going above and beyond to provide excellent service for our patients and families, as well as her coworkers. Jana never has the attitude of “that’s not my job”; she is up for anything! This season, Jana recognized the importance of making the magic of Christmas happen for the patients. To do that, the enormous task of accepting and processing donations needed to be done. Jana successfully took the lead on sorting and organizing the mounds of toys and donations so that Santa’s Workshop, the needs of the medical center for the whole year, and the needs of outlying clinics would be met, and she rocked it! 

Jana’s support of Child Life programming goes well beyond her secretarial responsibilities. She joyfully helps with projects for bedside activities, knowing that her actions readily affects patients. During the holiday season, Jana helped shop for supplies, organize materials and pack activity bags so the patients could experience all the fun holiday activities that were planned. Jana also assisted with the patient Christmas party by making sure the patient gifts were ready and helping to staff the event. 

The amazing part? Jana works half-time!  She accomplishes so much and is such a hard worker. Her attitude and spirit is inspiring to all those around her. There are no words to explain how much Jana is appreciated. This holiday season and all it entails for the Child Life department would not have been possible without Jana’s efforts and dedication, making her a Peak Performer!