09:14 AM

Peak Performer: Jaryn Nichols

clinical systems analyst, Radiology-Admin


Jaryn was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

JARYN NICHOLS, MSRS, RT(R) PhotoJaryn is a great example of a Peak Performer as she often goes outside her expected job duties to make a difference. Recently, I came to her about some issues with orders. This is not really her problem to fix but she took it and ran with it taking action that helped make my job easier. I was explaining to her how we have multiple steps in EPIC to check in a pre-op chest. Jaryn took it upon herself to come up with a solution, contact the appropriate people, and make the change happen. Her advocacy has significantly helped our workflow and patient turnaround.  

When experiencing order issues with Inpatient VCUGs, I am consistently reaching out to providers to change orders from Fluoroscopy to X-ray. Jaryn once again sought out the information needed, found the right person and handled it. She gathered a year’s worth of data and presented it to the group, explaining the number of changed orders and the need for the change. Once again, helping with a quicker turnaround for patients and workflow for our team.