12:18 PM

Peak Performer: Jeanette Aguilar

Telemedicine Coordinator, PN Telemedicine


Jeanette was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is her nomination letter.

Jeanette A. MAShe is the backbone of our virtual care department. She has taken on the responsibility of scheduling providers, finding coverage for our booming virtual urgent care (which is no small task), as well as hiring and training 2 new employees. She does all of this while also keeping our school-based telemedicine department running. 

She is our go to for any question regarding telemedicine no matter what day it is and she is willing to help at all hours. Jeanette is kind, professional and I personally would be lost without her. For every new role that we take on as a team, she seems to take on double without complaint and with a positive attitude. She always ensures that patients are put first by working them into the schedule, giving help with technology or giving directions to a clinic. We recently had a parent get lost going for lab work and ended up in the wrong clinic twice. Jeanette took it upon herself, by noticing that the patient hadn’t had her labs run, to call mom and find out what happened. She helped mom get to the right clinic and called to ensure that they were still able to run her labs. Jeanette is truly a Peak Performer in every way.