12:41 PM

Peak Performer: Jimmy Felan

Building Maintenance Tech, RE - Facilities Mgmt


Jimmy was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is his nomination letter.

santiago felanEvery morning, quite early, Jimmy comes to our building and checks out everything.  When he comes to our floor, he is always smiling, goes through his routine and it is a pleasure to start the day this way. Jimmy is one of the many employees at Cooks that isn't always seen, but without him our system wouldn't run as needed.

Whenever there is a problem, he is available to discuss it and what is needed to get it corrected. We then take steps to report the problem. Jimmy is aware of our needs and goes 110% to make sure it is does right and done quickly. Once completed, he checks back with us to make sure everything is ok. 

Another thing that stands out for me is the fact that Jimmy has only been with Cook Children’s for 10 months and for the last 5 months he has been filling two roles due to a shortage of staff. The ROB and 750 8th Avenue are normally staffed with a building engineer and a building tech. Jimmy is the building tech that would assist the engineer. We have been without an assigned engineer for these properties since last August. Jimmy has stepped up and basically covered both roles with only 5 months of training and is doing a great job!