14:46 PM

Peak Performer: Joe Darr

Radiology Extern, Radiology- Medical Center


Joe was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

When we were approved for a student position, we were excited to get an eager employee who wanted to learn. But Joe has been more than we have ever expected. Joe has been a ray of sunshine since he started, and has become a friend to all. He is always very chipper and always offering a helping hand. Joe has already made an impact on our department radiating positivity! Being very short staffed had created a damper on the work environment, but Joe has been a breath of fresh air despite the stress. When he notices an employee stressed out or having a rough time, he immediately comforts them and tries to find the good in the situation and places a positive spin on just about anything! He talks to patients, parents, and coworkers like they are lifelong friends, acknowledging their needs and feelings, and making everyone feel comfortable and understood. 

As a student, Joe has come in full force with the eagerness to learn everything and jump right in. He is not afraid to ask questions. In the face of a difficult or stressful situation, Joe has shown such resilience and his positivity never fades. He is up for all the challenges and ready to be a valuable team member despite the student limitations. He utilizes all the resources to give the best patient care and gives the patients and parents the best one on one experience for every procedure, making sure they are comfortable every step of the way.