14:28 PM

Peak Performer: Karina Osorio

Practice Administrator I, Genetics-PN


Karina was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Karina is definitely a Peak Performer. As the Practice Administrator for Genetics, she has overseen a tremendous improvement in the operations of the clinic.

She has been able to integrate a flexible work-from-home schedule that allows her to support social distancing while also ensuring staffing is responsive to the onsite needs of the department. In addition, Karina trained staff to improve collections. As a result, her team has increased its EOM collections by over 600% and reduced the % of “AR over 120 days” from ~40% to ~15%.

​Karina is willing to help other departments and colleagues while also managing and leading her own team. She transferred internally to assume her role in Genetics and while her former department was looking to replace her, Karina continued to provide assistance with various activities to ensure her losing department was not negatively impacted.

Karina has also helped to train several other managers on collections by teaching them how to manage and work various EPIC Revenue Cycle WQs and the building of reports and other tools to assist with improved collection workflows. ​