15:53 PM

Peak Performer: Katy Yanez

clinical practice & advanced education specialist II, Organizational & Professional Development


Katy was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is her nomination letter.

KATY YANEZ, RN, MSN, CNOR PhotoJohn Maxwell said, "A leader is one that knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." This statement certainly represents the temperament, expertise, and work ethic of Katy. Our organization recently had a visit from Joint Commission and opportunities were identified to improve safe handling and transport of soiled instruments. Katy has an OR background with expertise in that area and sterile processing. However, she recognized the impact and need to assist with other areas such as clinics and medical floor processes as well. Despite her very heavy workload, she agreed to attend planning meetings to quickly amend our processes. She collaborated with accreditation specialists, department leaders, and educators to consider process changes. Then, she developed education that was shared throughout the organization. When the Joint Commission surveyors returned, no further opportunities for improvement were identified.

Katy loves fostering the professional development of new and tenured nurses. Currently, she agreed to take on another big responsibility and co-leads a temporary summer program for nurse externs. During the pandemic, many nursing students were not allowed to participate in typical clinical rotations. In fact, much of their learning experience was via Zoom and/or in a university simulation lab. Katy leads classes and organized clinical opportunities for 12 externs to work alongside our tenured staff this summer. The student externs are enjoying wonderful experiences and they are learning valuable skills that will help them enjoy successful careers in the future. Furthermore, we hope their experience will result in a desire to work at Cook Children's after graduation.