14:32 PM

Peak Performer: Kim Hobbs

environmental services aide, Environmental Services


Kim was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

KIM HOBBS PhotoKim goes above and beyond when she is cleaning the BMT unit. It is an area that requires extra thorough cleaning due to the lack of immune systems in the patients who are admitted there. She stays cognizant of when a good time to clean the patient rooms are, she prioritizes BMT patients first when she's also cleaning 5NTE so as to not introduce germs into the unit, and she is incredibly thorough cleaning the common areas!

The nurses' station always looks spotless after Kim has been here. For discharging patients, she consistently fills out the checklist we place on the door, and will reach out to her coworkers to remind them when they forget to sign!

Kim stays aware of what is going on for the office staff in the unit. She checks in with us on if it's a good time to run a loud floor cleaning machine out in the hallway outside our door so it doesn't interrupt meetings. She always asks if we want our floor mopped, and really works around our schedule as much as she can. She is incredibly considerate and so nice! We love Kim and think she’s a Peak Performer!​