13:34 PM

Peak Performer: Lanie Coffey

nutritionist, Genetics


Lanie was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

LANIE COFFEY, MS, RD, LD PhotoLanie is an excellent certified nutritionist in the Genetics department. She goes above and beyond for parents and patients by providing the best care possible. Lanie is always one step ahead, very proactive in her daily tasks. She works well independently and part of the team. I remember when I received the formula recall notification email, Lanie was already working on her list and identifying the patients who we needed to reach out to.

The Cook Children’s Genetics department has struggled historically to maintain two clinical nutritionists on staff. This position requires specialized training in rare inborn errors of metabolism and metabolic formulas. Due to the complexity of this job, the Nutrition Department is unable to provide adequate support with its own staff to offset this staffing issue.  Because of this, the department and the entire hospital system must rely on Lanie as the sole metabolic dietician to provide support to the department’s metabolic patients and any emergent issues/inpatient concerns that arise.

Lanie is a crucial asset to our department, providing nutritional support for patients with inborn errors of metabolism. Not only assisting patients with metabolic disorders, she often assists with clinical patients as needed. She provides superb education for families of affected patients giving them the tools they need to support their child lifelong. Lanie develops a professional rapport with patients and they trust her advice and recommendations. She goes above and beyond also assisting with daily sick calls to the clinic and is on call over the weekend to support our patients during metabolic crises requiring hospitalizations. Her attention to detail and safety help mitigate risks and adverse outcomes for patients in metabolic crises. Lanie has special interests in developing a Phenylketonuria Center of Excellence here at Cook Children's and has taken the lead to spearhead this initiative. She continues to set the bar high for expectation of a metabolic dietician and is certainly living out the Cook Children’s promise daily in her work.