16:36 PM

Peak Performer: Laurie Castle

Epic training program coordinator, IS-Epic


Laurie was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

LAURIE CASTLE PhotoLaurie is one of the KINDEST coworkers I have ever worked with. She goes the extra mile DAILY to help all of us in Epic and the end-users who count on her to assist with their training needs. We would be lost without her and she is so humble! During our Covid transitions, she seamlessly handled many rescheduling needs and ensured that every employee received the education they need. 

​Patient safety and end user satisfaction are always at the forefront of everything she does and all decisions she makes regarding the training schedule. Laurie doesn't just set up New Hires with their Epic Training, but she also works with countless schedules and education needs. She knows that we can't care for our patients and their families without proper education, and without her dedication, we would all suffer. When the hospital struggles with bad weather, Laurie works through all of our training schedules to ensure that we can continue to work and train all of our new hires.

Due to Covid exposure, I had to teach my class remotely.  I was not able to reach the trainees that morning to let them know, and on this specific day, the training was scheduled at the ROB instead of the regular training rooms. Laurie physically went from the 750 8th Street location to the ROB and brought the trainees back to the training building.  She then found them a training room helped them log into their computers, and gave them the paperwork they would need. The training was successful, and without Laurie's help, I don't think it would have been.

Covid has definitely thrown a wrench into what is considered "normal" and Laurie quickly flexed to meet new needs that seemed to change daily. A specific example is when we began bringing on travel nurses to fulfill critical staffing needs. She didn't flinch in the face of the challenge of scheduling so many staff with short notice. Laurie has enabled me to connect with our end users and assure them during training that they too will excel and provide excellent service in the form of quality and safety to their customers, whether they are patients and families, regulatory agencies, work peers, etc.