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Peak Performer: Leslie Boykin, RN

RN, Surgery


Leslie was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

LESLIE BOYKIN, BSN, RN PhotoLast weekend I had a patient that came from the ED to surgery. The ED nurse stated that the patient was extremely anxious and that they could not attempt an IV. She came up to pre-op and I looked into her chart and noticed she had a long history and some PTSD from her prior hospital experiences. I tried to advocate for her to not have an IV until she was asleep. Since she was a teenager and above 50kg, the MDA insisted she needed an IV prior to going to the OR.  Already pressed for time, and the patient still in isolation for a pending Covid test, I had to react quickly. I spoke with the mom and explained the need to obtain an IV and we talked through the best way to help her daughter. She agreed for us to use the cold pack with buzzy and Child Life was called in to assist. 

This is where Leslie comes into this picture. I poked my head out of the room and asked the other pre-op nurse if she could come in and help with a difficult IV on an extremely nervous teenager. Before she could say anything, Leslie (the OR nurse) jumped up without hesitation and came to the rescue! She even insisted to the other pre-op nurse that she did not mind at all. Leslie gowned up, came in with a great attitude, gained the patient's trust, successfully started the IV (one attempt) on a crying teenager, and comforted her while doing all this. She then proceeded to take this patient back to the OR and I know the patient was grateful to have Leslie by her side. 

Leslie helping with this, allowed me to finish my job and made it safe for the patient to go off to sleep with an IV. The cool thing about this story is that I felt her passion for what she does and the difference she makes as a nurse. She saw a need and did not hesitate to jump in. She is amazing with her patients and is a team player. I have seen many other situations where Leslie has gone above and beyond but this story tops it all…so far! We are lucky to have her as a part of the Cook Children's family.