10:24 AM

Peak Performer: Lori Guzman

Practice Administrator I


Lori was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

LORINE GUZMAN PhotoLori is a wealth of knowledge and an expert in her role as a practice administrator. She has been with Cook Children's for 24 years, where she started as a medical receptionist and has been promoted up through multiple roles over the years. Lori balances the role of practice administrator for both Hurst Urgent Care and Hurst Multi-Specialty.

Hurst Urgent Care was temporarily closed for nine months. During that time, Lori went above and beyond to ensure her team felt supported and still part of a bigger team, even when they did not have a home location. Lori spoke with them often via phone and in person. She also continued to have staff meetings during that time, to ensure they could stay connected with each other.  When Hurst reopened, they all had a true celebration and were so excited to be back at their home.

The Urgent Care and Multi-Specialty Leadership team have had movement in roles over the last few months. Lori was asked to cover the Fort Worth UCC location, in addition to Hurst, due to her extensive knowledge base and expertise. Lori did an amazing job covering two locations. She ensured that both teams received all of the new, constantly evolving information that was coming out. Helping the FWUCC front desk team through this time of transition, Lori ensured they felt supported. When I spoke individually with the front desk team, they were very complimentary of the support they received from Lori.

Lori has now been an integral part of the new Fort Worth UCC Site Admin onboarding. She has done a tremendous job with this transition.