14:15 PM

Peak Performer: Lynsie Bailey

child life specialist, Child Life


Lynsie was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is her nomination letter.

LYNSIE BAILEY, CLS PhotoMy patient, who was hospitalized for a very long time and continued to be very sick, was given the privilege to have family visit from out of town. The only time this family could come to visit the patient was on a Saturday afternoon, outside of our typical visit times. This was a very special, but sensitive visit for this patient, as two of these family members were her brothers. Lynsie sat in the conference room with the family and kids for a few hours that afternoon helping them understand what they were going to see. Additionally, she helped them make cards, draw pictures and choose books to read to their sister when they saw her. She was so kind and went above and beyond to make sure these kids and this family felt the same support they would have received if it were a weekday with all our staff here. 

​When I called the child life weekend team to see if they could find any clothes for this child beyond the gown she was in, Lynsie answered and we had the PERFECT outfit within 20 minutes. Furthermore, she was thrown into this situation last-minute with no knowledge of the patient, family or their journey. Lynsie came early to make sure she had all the important information so she could be prepared for the family's arrival. I have never felt such a strong and intentional presence with child life on the weekends as I have this day. Lynsie is truly amazing and deserves to be recognized for her efforts made for this family and their experience.