11:31 AM

Peak Performer: Maria Avelar

environmental services aide, Environmental Services


Maria was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

MARIA AVELAR PhotoMaria is a great asset to the Radiology department. Maria does an excellent job at keeping our department stocked and clean. Whenever she is off or on vacation, you definitely can tell a difference in the appearance of our area. This last time she was off on vacation, we ran out of paper towels, toilet paper and our linen was always full. She is one of those unsung heroes that you don't realize how valuable they are until they are gone.

In Diagnostic Radiology, we have many messy procedures that need the room to be cleaned, mopped and sanitized. She never complains and is always there ready to do her job. Our department is the cleanest and most efficient when Maria is here. She is always on the move cleaning something, or stocking up restrooms. If we have something needing cleaned right away, she is very quick to come help us out. When she is off for a few days you can really tell a difference, not to say people filling her spot on those days aren't good, they just may not be aware of literally everything Maria does.