09:31 AM

Peak Performer: Maria De La Torre, LVN

LVN, Northside Neighborhood Clinic


Maria was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

MARIA D., LVN PhotoMaria is an LVN who is the hardest worker ever. She is the most reliable. Anything you ask from her you just know it will get done well. She understands very well the population we serve and she demonstrates empathy and understanding. Every individual in the clinic knows with no doubt that she works hard all the time and is often the last one to leave. She always does an excellent job in triaging patients and resolving all the needs, concerns and/or problems that parents have. She is an example to follow and she is well-respected by all her co-workers here at the Northside Clinic! 

Maria is the go-to person for everything! Even duties that are assigned to the medical assistants, providers will normally go to her and she completes those duties as well. Maria helps train new nurses and has continued to hang in there with the NHCs when we were desperately short of nurses. Maria always helps in any way she can. Recently our providers suggested having a Maria day just to show how we all appreciate her. We got her a cake, ordered some lunch (staff would come and go to get their plates) and we all gave her little treats and small tokens of appreciation. Says a lot for seven providers and APPs to agree to want to show appreciation to a person. Maria De La Torre is that special person!