09:15 AM

Peak Performer: Mary Gonzales

environmental services aide, Environment Services


Mary was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

MARY GONZALES PhotoMary always goes above and beyond her duties. Our patients and families always feel comfortable when they are sitting in the waiting rooms because of Mary’s attention to the room, she often offers blankets to help keep them warm. When Mary notices a child crying she gives them coloring books to keep them occupied while waiting to be seen. I remember one day we had four overflowing toilets at the same time in the Emergency Department and Mary didn’t think twice about securing the area so it would be safe for our patients in a timely manner. Mary’s dedication for our patients and family always shows.

Our team always knows when Mary is working because the NICU will be extra clean. She starts her morning by getting all her supplies ready and then goes to it. She is very efficient and makes sure all her required areas are clean and then some. Our blood gas room never runs out of paper towels and our trash is always emptied. She also keeps the NICU break room clean and organized and covers areas of the hospital that are not on her required radar. Mary shares a smile with everyone that not even the medical mask can block out of sight.