12:59 PM

Peak Performer: Matthew Ridge

Manager, Pharmacy Bus Ops, Pharmacy


Matthew was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is his nomination letter.

matthew ridgeGoing into a pandemic, we had no idea what we were up against. We had a fairly new pharmacy buying team and Matthew came in and he really helped us game plan for our team. He created a policy for emergent orders and when to stock up. This included all things from pandemics to natural disasters. He coordinated with our inventory specialist to help with PPE as the shortages got worse. He also created a schedule to help minimize our exposure since we work in very close quarters. He really stepped up and went above and beyond to help us learn through these situations as well as work through them.

Fast forward to the roll out of the Covid vaccine! Matthew was heavily involved in the receiving and processes that pharmacy would do. He created a spreadsheet to track our inventory. This was super helpful when reporting to the state our usage and inventory on hand. He also built a report in EPIC to be able to see vaccine administrations that helped with inventory and reporting. He was in close communication with upper management, Occupational Health and pharmacy. He played a very big role in making sure we had the inventory to handle the scheduled clinics. Fast forward a little more. Now we have treatment options for Covid. Matthew also played a very important role in talking with the vendors that carried these medications and organized our orders. Once again he went above and beyond to make sure our team had the support we needed and the processes in place for all these new situations that came our way. We are very lucky to have a manager like him in his role. His name tag might say Pharmacy Business Operations but he wears many hats. Looking back at these crazy times we have endured, we are so grateful to have Matthew. He has shown what it means to be a great leader. To this day, he is still involved with inventory of the Covid vaccine and a wonderful liaison between the Pharmacy and Occupational Health.