15:05 PM

Peak Performer: Miriam Muganda

radiographer, Radiology-Diagnostic


Miriam was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

MIRIAM MUGANDA, MRT PhotoMiriam is an incredible individual and a great asset to our team. When we had three call-ins and staffing was critically low, I asked if there was any way she could come in early. She came in two hours early and as soon as she came in, she asked where I needed her, ready to hit the ground running. As soon as her patients were done, she started to take on the workload of others and told them to take a break and get a bite to eat as she knew we had all missed our lunch breaks. Even though it was still busy, she selflessly took all that on so that we could relax for a little bit. She had a positive attitude that helped the morale of the workplace when we needed it most. 

​Miriam provides an immense amount of support for our team and I can always count on her if I need help with anything. She has helped take on the workload of training a new tech and taking her under her wing. She had no obligations to do so, but has been a great teacher and mentor. She has been very patient with new hires, answering questions, and extremely helpful in guiding them around. She has been a great role model for what an exceptional and caring tech looks like.