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Peak Performer: Morgan Booth, RN

RN, 5 Main


Morgan was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

MORGAN BOOTH, RN, BSN, CPN PhotoMorgan is a very dedicated nurse and a true asset to the 5th floor.  She frequently is in charge and keeps the unit running smoothly. On a shift where we were short-staffed, and she was in charge, plus had patients, Morgan had a family that received a devastating diagnosis. The patient had come in with Failure To Thrive; however, after an MRI days later, this family learned their child was born with a debilitating and possibly deadly disease.  The parents were very distraught and left the room to try and process this news.  At the end of the shift, the father came to the nurses station, with obvious anxiety, and asked if anyone could come outside the hospital and speak with the family, as he was too shaken up to relay the correct information to them.  Morgan listened to his concerns and agreed to come and speak with his family.  Morgan could have easily passed this off to the next shift, or even told him that the doctor could speak with them about the diagnosis again tomorrow. However, Morgan finished the charge nurse report, bedside report on her patients, and then went and spoke with this family, as she promised. This action shows the true, genuine kindness of Morgan's heart.  She truly loves working at Cook Children's and helping all of her patients, families, and coworkers, and it shows!

On one of the snow/ice days, Morgan was coming to stay on this side of town, as she worked at the hospital the next day.  When she learned that the night shift was working short, she wore her scrubs to work, so she could help them get settled at the beginning of their shift.  This was not a scheduled day shift for her, nor would it be a required night shift.  This just shows how truly dedicated, and helpful Morgan is to all of her 5th floor team.  Morgan's unselfishness, commitment, and dedication make her a true Peak Performer!