21:04 PM

Peak Performer: Natalie Milsap, LVN

LVN, Clinical-Neurology


Natalie was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

NATALIE MILSAP, LVN PhotoNatalie Milsap is a model Neurology nurse and deserves to be recognized for consistently taking steps to speak up and take appropriate actions to improve our internal services and create better patient outcomes. With an eagle eye for details, last year she completed an Event Report when she identified discrepancies in the chart that potentially could have put a patient at risk. Natalie was unable to identify the designated medical consenter due to chart discrepancies with demographic information entries and lack of supporting scanned documents. She embraces the philosophy that The Power of Knowing Can Improve Healthcare. With this passion for process improvement and Quality Assurance, she and other employees joined with the director to re-engage our CQI committee last year to meet and assess with a shared goal: to improve efficiency and effectiveness with our Neuro problem-solving team. 

​Going above and beyond daily, Natalie remains solution-focused. She recently noticed that a patient chart flagged for system-wide termination had appointments that extended beyond the indicated 30-day period for transitioning to adult providers. Bringing this to the attention of leadership, our administrative staff was able to initiate a manual adjustment and legal/patient rep departments were notified to collaborate with other departments to clarify expectations and plan of care with the family. 

This week, Natalie exhibited another strong characteristic: Natalie connects with families by actively listening and meeting families where they are, with a shared goal to do what is in the best interest of the patient. These are some but not all of the examples of how this Neuro nurse provides quality, safety, and service with a history of excellence in health.