10:34 AM

Peak Performer: Rachel Duling

clinical coordinator II


Rachel was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

RACHEL DULING, MSN, RN PhotoWhen Rachel took over Walsh Ranch, she was doing it with little exposure to the department as a whole. Immediately she applied her institutional knowledge and critical thinking and started digging into the process and procedure of the department. 

Rachel's ability to uncover flaws in a situation and then come up with a solution is remarkable. Rachel is able to assist her employees in need at any time and never blinks an eye to jump in. She has not only been overseeing Walsh but is double tasking as she has volunteered to cover Fort Worth UCC. Rachel has stepped in and is able to help orient the new employees as well as fill in when there are gaps in the schedule. She has also worked hand in hand to help orient the new Site Administrator for Fort Worth. 

Rachel makes it easy for staff to approach her with issues and has helped in emergent situations without blinking an eye. Most recently, she helped calm down and relax a patient that was in distress, she took charge and was able to get the patient help right away and made sure all employees were working together as a team to help the patient. We are very lucky to have Rachel as a part of the Walsh team.