12:56 PM

Peak Performer: Randy Powledge

Manager, Administrative Apps, Information Services


Randy was a Peak Performer recipient for the first quarter of 2022 (October-December). Below is his nomination letter.

randy powledgeRandy Powledge has always been what I would describe as role model of what every manager/leader should be. He leads by example. He does not just expect his team to work hard, he works just as hard. He jumps in and helps his team and always makes sure his team has the resources needed. He makes himself available, even when he has no time available. I can think of many times, but one situation in particular when a loved one was in a tragic accident, he said "take care of family, we will get it done."  There was no hesitation. He is a true reflection of what Cook Children's stands for. Having a manager like Randy makes you want to work even harder. He is constantly helping not just his team, he is one that is willing to assist his organization and department.

Randy continues to amaze me. Even during tough projects and long On Call weeks, he finds the positive even in the bad. He is patient and encourages his staff.  Although I have a couple degrees, that are non-IT; he motivated me to return to school and obtain a degree in IT. He brings the best out of you. Regardless of the situation, weather we are dealing with complex issues or just to know how we are doing.... he is there. One day I was having a rough day and he made me smile and remember why I do what I do.  Randy is a motivator, teacher and leader. When we could not see each other face to face, he came up with positive ways for us to interact. He asks his team what we think and he really wants our point of view. He digs in when he needs to. His leadership and positivity is just awesome! I love what I do, but having him as a manager makes me want to continue to be the best. Randy is a true Peak Performer and this is another example of why he is Cook Children's.