11:19 AM

Peak Performer: Riley Heimuli, RN

RN, clinical coordinator, Pediatric Urology


Riley was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

ERIN HEIMULI, RN, BSN, CPN PhotoRiley has consistently gone above and beyond by continuously ensuring excellent patient care is provided at all times throughout the pandemic. Although she started right as the pandemic hit the community and staffing became short, Riley easily stepped in and established all required COVID safety measures and helped transition the department to virtual appointments so Urology services continued throughout the pandemic without interruption.

The next challenge came in the spring of 2021 when the department’s Spina Bifida
coordinator position became vacant. Riley personally covered down on this program, which required her to coordinate multiple appointments for more than 200+ complex patients within the Urology Spina Bifida program. She did this while easily overseeing her responsibilities as the clinical coordinator, so her staff could focus on their other clinical duties. Next came the Delta variant, Riley worked with MS leadership to float Urology staff to offsite clinics so they could work to cover other clinic requirements.  She also sent staff to cover other specialty clinics on Main Campus.

To support with the transition of Urology services that resulted from consolidating the Dallas and Plano clinics into one location at the Prosper MOB, Riley helped inventory and redistribute supplies to multiple departments across the system to reduce waste and save money. 

Riley was recently selected as one of two co-chairs to lead the Specialty Clinic Patient Experience Committee during its initial year of service. This work has helped to improve care and the connection staff have with their patients while also helping leadership become more aware of the challenges facing our staff and families so they can better respond to and resource our teams to meet emerging challenges in health care. Staff and providers alike frequently speak to how easy it is to work with and approach Riley with any issue knowing she is going to support them 100%.