13:39 PM

Peak Performer: Ruth Mhlanga

medical assistant, Prosper Specialty Clinics


Ruth was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

FUNGAI MHLANGA, NCMA PhotoRuth goes above and beyond in providing care for our patients. Our patients love Ruth, and it is noticeable on the patient reviews the clinic receives. On several occasions, we have had families calling the clinic expressing their frustration with a third party lab. Routinely, we would ask the family to contact the lab if it is an issue that is outside of our control. However, Ruth raises the bar high. She takes it upon herself to call the lab to resolve the issue and then call the families to close the loop. Despite our very busy days in clinic, Ruth keeps her smile and calm and give the patients all her attention.

Ruth is very dedicated to her job, and very hardworking. She is very efficient and works tirelessly to make sure the clinic flows smoothly. Despite that our clinic in Prosper has been very busy, Ruth finds the time to review future patient’s charts and contact the primary care provider’s offices to request any missing information. She contacts the future patients to request that they bring certain records to the upcoming visits. This tremendous effort by Ruth has made our clinic run efficiently and allowed more face to face time with the patients. I am extremely impressed with how fast Ruth learns. Despite that she has not worked in endocrine before, she learned the endocrine related tasks quickly. She performs her job perfectly and efficiently. What Ruth does on daily basis is one of the major cornerstones for the success at the endocrine clinic in Prosper.