14:36 PM

Peak Performer: Sam Hatch

senior application systems analyst, Information Services


Sam was a Peak Performer recipient for the third quarter of 2022 (April-June). Below is his nomination letter.

SAMUEL HATCH PhotoDuring my 11 years of service, I’m proud to say that I’ve met some amazing and passionate staff here at Cook Children's. One is Sam Hatch. Sam is passionate about solving every problem that is brought to his attention. He’s passionate about collaborating to ensure every child, family member, and customer is taken care of in the most efficient and expedient manner. I needed to take a day off suddenly, although I was scheduled for OnCall. Sam volunteered to take the day, although he would have to go OnCall for himself the following day, which would add to his workload significantly.

Always eager to solve the problems presented to him, Sam is driven to find solutions while evaluating effective workflows and process improvement. He wants to ensure our customers have the tools to work smarter not harder. 

Sam is a true representation of going above the expectations Information Services leadership has set. At the end of the day, a complex issue came up and Sam overheard the conversation, put his backpack down and contributed to solving the issue staying late until we got it figured out. Providing clear and concise solutions to each and every individual we come in contact with, Sam is a true reflection of Our Promise!