09:53 AM

Peak Performer: Sam James

Clinic RN


Sam was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter. 

SAMUEL JAMES, RN PhotoSam provides excellent service to the patients, providers, and co-workers. Sam was covering another nurse when she was out on PTO. He was able to handle all patient calls for a provider he does not usually cover and did so in a manner that was reassuring for parents while also completing all tasks that came into the provider's pool basket. 

Sam went above and beyond for his co-worker recently by printing off all necessary paperwork, completing it, and scanning it so that she could easily print it off, have it signed and faxed back in a timely manner. By completing all of the back work for his team member, he ensured that there was no delay in care for any of the patients. He also completed all of these things while taking care of his own assigned duties. The way that he prepared detailed information makes coming back from vacation for his co-workers less stressful and more at ease knowing that the patients, families, and providers have been taken excellent care of.

Sam is also very proficient in all aspects of Epic. Sam was able to assist a medical assistant (MA) with surgical case requests and surgical consents. We had a veteran MA covering in the absence of a provider's nurse. The MA needed assistance regarding how to enter a surgical case request into Epic. Sam was super helpful and took the time to walk the MA through the process to ensure accuracy and efficiency. He also assisted with the surgical consents in Epic making the process smooth for both the patient and the provider.