14:47 PM

Peak Performer: Samantha Crossnoe

Executive Assistant II, Home Health Administration


Samantha was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2021 (July-September). Below is her nomination letter.

Samantha plays a critically important role for the operations of Home Health and the critical nature was never more apparent than when we were approaching our fiscal year-end. Year-end can be hectic, but Samantha was both calm and graceful while she helped several departments close the year by processing their invoices urgently. She also worked with our Real Estate group to both start and wrap-up several projects before the close of the year. These projects required her to be very calculated and diligent because she had to follow-up and work with several departments across the System. She did all of this while only being with Cook’s for 7 months, having to learn new systems and policies. She also still managed to stay on top of her regular duties, fragmented as they may be, to the extreme satisfaction of the CCHH staff and leadership.

From the moment Samantha joined Home Health she was warm and friendly with anyone she comes across. She is Professional in nature, and also just genuinely interested in others on a personal level. You won’t find any of this in Samantha’s job description, but her approach to people makes working at Home Health more enjoyable. She’s always sending out e-mails to staff about our “Spirit Days” or any other fun activity we might have going on to boost morale of the entire company. Even though she might be incredibly busy, she’s never too busy to help someone either. She’s a team player who is selfless and humble (an incredible combination) and we are lucky she is a part of a Cook’s family.​