09:13 AM

Peak Performer: Sandra Saucedo

senior secretary, Autism Services


Sandra was a Peak Performer recipient for the second quarter of 2022 (January-March). Below is her nomination letter.

SANDRA SAUCEDO PhotoThe ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Department at the Child Study Center has two programs: Autism Services and the Behavior Disorders Clinic. Sandra Saucedo is the senior secretary for Autism Services. When the senior secretary for the Behavior Disorders Clinic transferred to the Medical Center, Sandra volunteered to help keep the Behavior Disorders Clinic running.  Sandra must have cloned herself, because she flawlessly managed Autism Services and the Behavior Disorders Clinic. More importantly, she was able to keep things running in both programs while still remaining patient, helpful, and kind. 

Some families that we work with in the Behavior Disorders Clinic are traveling from all over Texas. Sandra jumped into our secretary position, secure all lodging for families, ensured patient scheduling was up to date and parents felt attended to, all while creating a training package/job aide for her previous position. Not only did Sandra jump into BDC with tons of effort and a huge smile, she continues to split her time and graciously train new staff while staying on top of her new responsibilities in BDC. ​

Many families who seek services from the Behavior Disorders Clinic only speak Spanish, whereas there is not that urgent of a need for the senior secretary in Autism Services to speak Spanish. Knowing that the new senior secretary we hired did not speak Spanish, Sandra took one for the team and agreed to leave Autism Services and transfer to the Behavior Disorders Clinic. 

Since her first day of employment, Sandra has always done what she can to help our patients and her colleagues. Agreeing to leave a comfortable job in Autism Services, so that the Behavior Disorders Clinic can have a Spanish-speaking senior secretary is another example of Sandra's exemplary dedication.