10:07 AM

Peak Performer: Sandro Sanchez

pediatric echo cardiographer I, Cardiology-Lab


Sandro was a Peak Performer recipient for the fourth quarter of 2022 (July-September). Below is his nomination letter. 

SANDRO SANCHEZ PhotoSandro is always willing to take on more work in order to help others in the Cardiology lab. I often hear other echo techs tell him to slow down because he is so fast and efficient with his duties. He always puts the best interest of others, whether coworkers or patients, above his own interests. Sandro works incredibly hard and manages to maintain a positive, helpful attitude.

Our echo techs rotate overnight call even when working regular days and they often get called in the middle of the night to come in for urgent echos. Sandro was recently on night call and was at the hospital much of the night. He had to work in the clinic the next day and even though he was exhausted, he still did his very best and went above and beyond to help others. Even when he noticed that the nurses were short staffed and I was not able to get a lunch, he bought me lunch. Sandro is a wonderful asset to the Heart Center and we are lucky to have him on our team.